Fresh and local produce is at the heart of who we are, our menu has been crafted using ingredients sourced from the Greater Nepean area, and rarely extending more than 50km from the Sinclair's dining room.

Accompany us on a culinary exploration through the scenic expanses of the Hawkesbury, Mountains and Nepean countryside. Upon this journey, you will be introduced to the communities and farmers who inspire our seasonal offerings.

We invite you to take a seat, slow down and enjoy the finer things the region has to offer.

Fresh and Local

The Sinclair's menu reflects its natural fervour for the region. The vast majority of produce in our dishes is sourced fresh and local from the communities who lie within 50km of our dining room.


We take pride in working with the local farmers, growers and producers to highlight the best fresh and local produce, whilst telling the seasonal story of the Greater Nepean Region.